VALUE*FEST (Postponed)

VALUE*FEST (Postponed)

Donderdag 16 April 2020 (Uitgesteld)
14:00 - 20:00 uur
The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, 2521 EN The Hague

VALUE*FEST is a playground (proeverij) to get to know and engage with research centred around a new and circular economy. Value is a big word to us in two ways. First of all we believe that a transition to a circular economy is not just a transition of materials, nor technologies – it is most of all a transition of values. Second, while circularity is a broad concept that can be approached through different lenses, the way in which things are valued and how value is created and extracted lies at the heart of the transition.

Although it might seem a futuristic conception, one can imagine that once value determines price (and not the other way around), and value is no longer purely a financial indicator, other types of value such as social and environmental value can finally be included into the equation. Our twofold focus on value leads to an invitation to reflect on your own values and explore how you can add value to transitioning to a circular society. We invite you to become a changemaker!

Agents of Change

Many of you are contributing to a transition towards a new kind of economy: circular, social en running on renewable energy. Some of you are teachers, some of you are researchers, and – deep down or on the surface – most of you are activists. For all of you, and the people you want to involve in this transition, we are organizing VALUE*FEST. This is an innovation festival on the 16th of April at THUAS where we want to share our (and your) work in playful, engaging and embodied ways. Our aim: to show how people in and around THUAS are changing technology and society, to concentrate all the energy that’s being put in making a transition, to inspire, to make a statement, to share.

That’s why we call upon all Activists, Researchers and Teachers (ARTist) interested in the next economy, values and social change to participate in VALUE*FEST. We are looking for workshops and activities that highlight your work and its relation to values of a circular society, i.e.: how your work can help us to continuously reflect on the choices we make, on what possibilities are out there, and how that could or should change what we value.

You can use this event not only to share your work, ideas and dreams. But also for transformative and playful engagement to discuss, co-create and generate new data with and from different stakeholders in society (ranging from children to experts). We happily invite you to participate, by yourself, as a group or with external partners. For example you could test a new model, simulation or idea with participants to gather early insights or validate your research.

To ensure that the transformative spirit of the festival remains the highlight we have four design principles to base your activities on. Which have been translated into questions to consider while creating your activity or workshop. These are the following:

  • Transformative – How does your activity relate to values of the next economy and how can you engage the visitors to participate?
  • Playful – We learn most when we are engaged in a state of play, how can you form your ideas to incorporate elements of play?
  • Engaging – How do you invite visitors to engage with your activity?
  • Embodied – How does your activity engage the heart, hands and head? We know that these aren’t the usual criteria. So we are more than happy to help you on your way. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re hoping for VALUE*FEST to not be the ‘usual’ conference. We want to leave an impression.

Besides these principles we do have some guidelines for the activities:

  1. We aim for the activities to be ongoing/plug and play, so that people can join or leave at their own time.
  2. Powerpoint, Prezi or Poster Presentations are not allowed unless they are used to facilitate a more engaging experience.


…so what’s next? we trust your expertise to design, organize and conduct a fun activity for VALUE*FEST and look forward to seeing your creativity unleashed. If you would like help with the design of your activity or if you have more questions about VALUE*FEST feel free to reach out to or 0643026455. We particularly invite you to collaborate with a researcher outside your lectorate to design an activity together but also welcome activities from single participants.

VALUE*FEST will take place on April 16th and is powered by Mission Zero and Digital Operations & Finance. Together, these two Centres of Expertise comprise seven research groups: Energy in transition, Change Management, Smart Sensor Systems, New Finance, Innovation Networks, Urban Metabolism & Circular Business that each – from their own expertise and perspective – add value to a new, circular economy. We expect 500 visitors from the networks of the lectors and you. The festival is flexible so the guests will have the opportunity to experience activities from each research group. Please note, if you know external organizations who would like to organize an event, workshop or activity during VALUE*FEST that you can extend this invitation and ask them to contact as we do have some additional requirements for external participation.

We ask you to fill in the accompanying form with the concept of the activity you would like to contribute and give us an indication of resources and materials (furniture, paper etc) you would require for that. We will ask you towards the end of February to expand on your initial concept so that we can make the proper preparations. Please see the Call to Action below for more information about VALUE*FEST.